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Savannah Dentistry - The Tony Hawk Experience 

Professional Skateboarder Icon Tony Hawk

Pro Skater Tony Hawk


On August 23, 2011 at 8:44pm @tonyhawk sent out a request to his Twitter followers that stated "Oops, doubles with Staab went wrong at Kona. Anyone know a good dentist in Savannah? <-- not a joke" with this photo attached...

Tony Hawk's Teeth Before 
The Hawk Team reported to us that they had several thousand responses, and the name Mark Dye, DMD was posted more than any other dentist in Savannah by Tony's Twitter followers. So, they figured that they were coming to the right place!

Below are Tony's clinical before and after photos:
              Pro Skater Tony Hawk's Teeth Before 2                  Pro Skater Tony Hawk's Teeth After
As Tony Hawk was leaving our office after his appointment, he took the photo above next to our sign.  On August 25, 2011 at 11:21am @tonyhawk sent out that photo on his Facebook and Twitter pages stating the following: "Fixed.  Thanks to Dr. Mark Dye for saving my original (fake) tooth.  Masterful work."

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Hawk & Staab Collision