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At the office of Mark N. Dye, DMD, LLC, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive preventive and cosmetic dentistry for you and your family. Through the treatments we provide for you and our comforting sense of humor, Dr. Dye and his team offer a new, personal dental experience for all new and established patients.

Looking Out for Your Smile

Dr. Dye offers services like Invisalign® only when they work best for you. We consider our practice to be one of conservative dentistry. Through this approach, all our treatments are designed to save as much of the natural teeth as much as possible. This can be a composite filling to rebuild the tooth, a porcelain veneer to strengthen it, or even dental crowns to cover a damaged tooth.

Practicing dentistry in a conservative manner also means that we won’t push expensive, massive treatments on you when something less expensive and less invasive will do just fine. If you come to us with dentures and leave with dental implants, we’ll make every effort to rework your dentures to be supported by the implants, rather than make you buy a whole new appliance.

Always Smiling Ourselves

Many people are afraid of the dentist not only because they worry about pain, but also because they are afraid of the work that will have to be done. Dr. Dye understands these concerns, and strives to make his patients as relaxed as possible.

One feature of our practice that Savannah patients love is our sense of humor and fun. We always take your oral health seriously, but that doesn’t mean we have to terrify you with grim news. We want our patients to be comfortable when they visit us, and being able to share a laugh with Dr. Dye is a great way to enter your dental visit calmly.

Dr. Dye’s counseling background  also assists in helping patients relax. He has a Masters of Science in Counseling and spent several years as the director of a victim assistance program in Virginia. This experience makes him the perfect person to listen to and address your concerns.

Uncompromising Safety

Infection control in our office is also very important to us. To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes using standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Contact Us Today

Dr. Mark Dye is proud to serve the dental needs of Savannah patients and their families. Mark N. Dye, DDs is located in Midtown Savannah, the economic heart of our city , making us easy to find for working professionals. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to help with your family’s dental needs, as we will give you plenty of time during your appointment to go over all aspects of your treatment.

To find out how we can best help you, call us at our Savannah dental office today!

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