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Restoring Smiles Beautifully in Savannah, GA

When teeth experience decay, become cracked, or otherwise have their structures weakened, a prosthetic restoration is necessary to keep your smile healthy. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Dye, offers an effective way to rebuild your smile and improve its beauty. Mark N. Dye, DMD, LLC provides porcelain crowns in Midtown Savannah.

The Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

A crown can be made from porcelain, and is used to restore a tooth that has been affected by decay or trauma.

Porcelain dental crowns are able to withstand the daily function of chewing. The true benefit of porcelain, however, is its beauty. Porcelain has a similar color and translucence to that of natural teeth; when you receive a porcelain crown, it blends into and brightens your smile.

Receiving Crowns in One Appointment

Traditionally, a porcelain crown would have to be made at a dental laboratory. You would have to wait two weeks before restoring your smile. However, Mark N. Dye, DMD, LLC has another option.

You can get a porcelain crown in one visit at our Savannah dental practice in one visit. The same appointment where Dr. Dye determines that you need a crown can be the same appointment where you receive it.

This convenience is made possible by Dr. Dye’s use of CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics). CEREC is a set of software and milling devices that creates crowns and other restorations out of a porcelain block. Our dentist takes accurate impressions of your smile and uses these to craft your new tooth. The entire process only takes an extra hour.

Dental Implant Restorations

Porcelain crowns are also able to help you replace a missing tooth.

Mark N. Dye, DMD, LLC provides dental implant restorations. These porcelain prostheses serve as the visible chewing surface of the new tooth. A porcelain crown, when placed on top of an implant, serves as a replacement for a single missing tooth. The result of this process is a full smile that looks and functions like a healthy, natural smile.

Contact Us for a Restored Smile

Mark N. Dye, DMD, LLC offers porcelain crowns near Midtown Savannah, helping patients from all nearby communities develop the smiles they desire. For more information about our restorative dental services, contact us today to schedule your next appointment at our Savannah GA dental practice