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Cosmetic Dentistry by Savannah Dentist Dr. Mark N. Dye

As a general dental office, Mark N. Dye, DMD features all manner of oral health services and procedures that our patients may require. A particular specialty of our Savannah dentist is cosmetic dentistry, rebuilding of the mouth’s appearance through various procedures. Not only do these procedures make your mouth look better than ever, but they also make your mouth fully functional again. Dr. Mark Dye is proud to offer a host of cosmetic dental services to the people of Savannah.

Our Most Common Services for Savannah

Among the many services we can provide for cosmetic dental needs, from teeth whitening to inlay and onlay restoration, our experienced team most often provides porcelain crowns and veneers, composite fillings, Invisalign, and implant restoration.

Porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, and composite fillings are prostheses that rebuild your teeth. The composite resin we make our fillings out of matches the white color of a healthy tooth, and porcelain captures both the color, texture, and sheen of healthy teeth. Fillings rest inside a tooth to rebuild a portion of the tooth lost to decay or erosion. Veneers cover a tooth’s outward surface to reshape and protect it, while crowns cover and guard the whole tooth.

Implant restorations, on the other hand, are the prostheses that are attached to dental implants once implant placement surgery and the recovery are complete. Depending on how many missing teeth needed to be replaced by the implant, a porcelain crown, porcelain fixed bridge, or porcelain set of implant-supported dentures may be used to rebuild the smile. 

Dr. Dye and staff are proud to offer a full gamut of cosmetic services, within which several specialties are we do provide on a regular basis.

The Value

At face value, the primary value of cosmetic dentistry is that your confidence will be greatly improved when you have a beautiful,  healthy smile. The value of this self-esteem boost is often reason enough for our patients to pay us a visit.

The overarching benefit of cosmetic procedures however, is not only an improved smile and increased confidence, but the lasting impact they have on your overall oral health. By gaining a straighter, more appealing smile with Invisalign, you make your teeth easier to clean and keep healthy. The same can be said of the restorative procedures. Crowns, fillings, restorations, and implant-supported dentures restore not just the look of your mouth, but the function of it as well. Porcelain prostheses restore your ability to chew properly. In turn, issues such as malnutrition and digestive disorders that can arise from poor chewing habits. 

Contact Us Today!

Rebuilding your mouth for both appearance and function is one of Dr. Dye’s particular passions as a dentist, and he would love to schedule a cosmetic dental appointment with you! Conveniently located in Midtown Savannah, Mark N. Dye, DMD is able to serve our city from its economic heart.

To find out more about cosmetic dentistry, and how it can best help you, please call Dr. Dye at his Savannah dental office today!

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